Collection and Archiving

Today are lecture was given by Ian Horton, who in my eyes, is a really interesting person to listen to. He has a an amazing & extensive knowledge of comic books, which I know absolutely nothing about.

He first began by telling us about Les Coleman collection, 2013. This is an archive held at LCC which was donated by Coleman in 2013 after he died. He was a big collector of comics, magazines and zines. A really exciting and extensive collection.  This lead us into thinking about HOW to archive and organise. Ian then gave us his personal collection of comics to practise with. It was so inspiring to see a personal collection of one man. He obviously has such a passion of it. He was also not precise about them at all which meant that we could look through them, pass them around.


We then looked at a exhibition of comics called ‘Foo Zap Yow & Now’. This showed of some of the best North American underground and alternative comics. These date between the 1960s-1990s. This was held at the Institute of Contemporary Art in 2003. This exhibition included Robert Crump, Aleksandar Zograf’s work as well as Palestine by Joe Sacco and Maus by Raw. The comic Raw had the first publication of ‘MAUS’. This was a comic which was first made in 1980 and finished in 1991. It illustrates Jewish and the Nazis in concentration camps. However they have both been depicted with animals. It has been designed to make the viewer reading feel scared and confronted. This comic showed me for the first time that comics can deal with the big problems and not just sic-fi or children fantasy.









Even after a 2 hour lecture it was obvious that we had only learnt  a tiny tiny portion of the comic book and magazine world.


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